We Build Stunning Websites.

VPMCorp.com represents the culmination of years of web development by Value Plus Marketing, LLC. Since the early days of the Internet our team has created thousands of pages in web design, becoming experts in HTML and CSS, the original building blocks. We now build stunning websites with the WordPress web based content management system, creating an engaging user experience that turn website visitors into new customers.

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What We Do.

We will masterfully transform the information you provide about your business to us into a modern, mobile friendly customized website with one of our professionally designed licensed theme templates. Upon completion and uploading of your project to the web, you as the administrator of the site will have full ownership and complete control to easily add updates, and to create new content for your website.

You don't have to be intimidated using WordPress, or spend your valuable time learning to code if you choose to host and maintain your website. This intuitive platform is easy to understand, so you don't have to be a computer programmer just to make regular content updates, or to perform routine maintenance on your site. But we also understand that not everyone has the time to maintain their own business websites, so we leave that option open for you. If you prefer, we can provide the routine site maintenance and regular updates for you, or if you decide to tackle it yourself, we can help guide through it.

How we work.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus in March of 2020 we have transitioned our web development services into a 100% remote platform. You can simply email or text us with the details of your business and relevant images, or use Google Drive, and we will put everything together for you into one of our stunning website templates.

If your business is located in the southern or central N.J. area we can still come to your place of work and meet with you to gather information about your business, and if you prefer to take photographs of your work environment. Covid-19 precautionary measures will be strictly adhered to.

1 Browse our general templates in our gallery and see if you find a business web site design you like, or drop us a line via email or text and tell us what you need. We can create a custom website design to meet your needs.

2 Send us all the important information you want to share about your business and a few relevant photographs to display. You can also exchange texts with us to discuss your project in greater detail.

3 Decide whether you want us to install your new website on your host or if you want us to host it for you. When you are satisfied with the website design we will send you an invoice, then the site will be live.

Who Is This For?

Our website building service is for small business owners that do not want to spend $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 or more for a custom made website that basically does nothing more than what you will get with one of our professionally designed WordPress theme templates for an informational business website design, and at a fraction of the cost. Whether you are already somewhat familiar with WordPress and want to maintain the website yourself, or want help with all aspects of running and maintaining your site, we know that you are busy running your business and could probably use a little more assistance getting a modern, mobile friendly website up and running. We're located in southern New Jersey, but if you ever have any questions we're only a text message away from anywhere in the U.S.

What is the Cost?

Starting at just $699, we will create a stunning informational website for your businesses, up to 10 pages, which also includes a lifetime licensing fee for your website theme design. If you want us to host the site for you, the lifetime licensing theme fee would be waived for as long as the site is hosted with us. There is a low $99 monthly hosting fee with this option, which also includes a monthly website care plan, general assistance and unlimited minor content updates** at no additional charge.

For any other special feature requests, i.e: WooCommerce shopping system setup, please contact us and we will email you with a proposal.

Self Hosted


One Time Payment
  • Up to 10 pages
  • Self hosted
  • Installed on your hosting account
  • Lifetime license fee
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Extras / Ecommerce


Min. Initial Build* then $199/mo. (min.)
  • No page limits
  • Self or VPM hosted
  • WooCommerce platform
  • Unlimited maintenance and updates**
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Do I Need a Domain Name and/or a Hosting Account?

If you already have a domain name and a hosting account, then you can simply send us the login credentials and within a few days we will migrate your new website to your existing URL. If you do not yet have a hosting account, we can host and maintain your website for you. If you do not yet have your own domain name, we can walk you through the process of finding and purchasing one, or we can do it for you. Domain names typically cost around $15 a year to register and have to be renewed annually. If you choose to find your own hosting account, they are usually billed monthly.

*Build cost to be determined after consultation
**Unlimited updates "within reason"

Web Design

We have been creating beautiful one of a kind websites for over 2 decades. Did you know the slightness of details speak volumes? Flashy in most circumstances is not always better.


Getting new visitors to see your website is crucial. From search engine optimization to social media marketing we can help turn eyeballs into paying customers.


We customize ecommerce solutions for our clients using WooCommerce, which features a built in coupon system and accepts many payment options.


If you don't already have your own domain name or hosting account yet, no worries, we'll help guide you through the process every step of the way.