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It's not whether or not you do social marketing, it's how well you'll do it

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Social Media Marketing

Mobile devices now drive over 50% all ecommerce traffic, with over 96% of millenials joining a social network. More people now own a mobile device than a toothbrush!
  Years it took to reach 50 million users:
  • Radio - 38 yrs
  • TV - 13 yrs
  • Internet - 14 yrs
  • IPod - 3 yrs
  • Facebook - over 200 million users in less than 1 year
Why use Social Marketing?
  • Facebook now tops Google in U.S. in weekly traffic
  • The fastest growth segment for Facebook is 55-65 yr old women
  • 50% mobile traffic in U.K. is for Facebook- imagine what that means for a bad customer experience
  • 80% of companies now use social media for recruitment - 95% of them come from LinkedIn
  • YouTube is the worlds 2nd largest search engine, video will be 75% of social content by 2017
You don't have a choice on whether you do social marketing, its how well you will do it