What type of content should you consider for best SEO practices

When designing websites for search, choosing what type of different content you provide to your users helps define your search engine rankings. Generally there are four different types of content ideas to consider for your website or blog, depending of course, on your company’s products or services. Taking into consideration the “Lifetime Value” of your content, you should determine how these types of content fit best into your SEO strategy:

Evergreen” content, just like the tree, is simply content that will always be useful regardless of the seasons. The content may eventually expire, but it generally has a long shelf life and can rank well for years, building up authority and links, making Evergreen content great for search engine optimization.

For Evergreen strategy avoid mentioning topics that include specific dates and times, current news or trending stories, and even technology because all this changes often and will make your content appear to be old.

Also, keep in mind, although Evergreen content stays relevant for years, it should still be updated occasionally to keep the content “fresh” and recrawled regularly by search engine robots.

Trending” content is basically self explanatory – simply just content that takes advantage of a trending topic or news story. But what makes posting trending topics great for SEO is that it takes advantage of the Google algorithm, QDF, “query deserves freshness”. Fresh content developed just before or during the current trending searches are more relevant and provides better ranking than existing “authority” content because of the sudden influx of people searching for this hot, trending topic.

An important consideration when using trending content is to make sure your content is related to your companys products or services, and is useful to your users.

Seasonal” content, which relates to a specific season, time of year or Holiday, can be somewhat related to trending content. To make sure your posts are already ranked when the season begins, seasonal content should be published a few weeks in advance of the season and again all throughout the life of the seasonal event.

Finally, “General” content, topics that are currently relevant now but does not include Evergreen, Seasonal or Trending content. General content is the most common type of content and has generally a shorter shelf life than Evergreen, and is usually useful within a year or two.

In all of your website’s posts, you should always include a general call to action (purchase, sign up for newsletter, leave a comment, etc.) and sharing capabilities to expand your content to social channels.

Taking into consideration what type of content is most useful for your users you can now see how employing one or all four of the above mentioned ideas can help expand your company’s Internet reach. Remember, Content is STILL King!