HoundDog Multi-Search Mobile Android App Now Available on Google Play Store

HoundDog multiple search engine app

Unleash the Hound! Search multiple search engines from one page with the HoundDog multi search app. Search from non-tracking private search engines like DuckDuckGo, SearchEncrypt, StarPage or SwissCows, or search the more popular engines like Google, Bing, Search.com and more. You can even search social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for the latest posts and news, photos, or to find friends and co-workers.

You can even search directly from deep web or more information specific search engines like Wolfram Alfa, Yippy, Reddit and StackExchange, all from the same page. Go fetch!

The HoundDog app is easy to use, just enter your search terms in the form at the top of the page and tap on a logo below once to search, or press and hold an icon for a brief description about each search engine. Search results will open in your favorite mobile browser in a new window so you can even add bookmarks to the page (an internet connection is needed).