Fetch It! HoundDog Free App Version Released


VPM Corp has released, ‘Fetch It!”, the free version of its HoundDog Multi-Search tool now available as a free android app on the Google Play store.

With the HoundDog Multi Search app you can search across multiple search engines from one. Search from non-tracking private search engines like DuckDuckGo, SearchEncrypt, StartPage or SwissCows, or search the more popular engines like Google, Bing, Search.com and more. You can even search social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for the latest posts and news, photos, or to find friends and co-workers.

With the HoundDog multi search app you can also search directly from deep web or more information specific search engines like WolframAlfa, Yippy, Reddit and StackExchange, all from the same page. Go fetch!

Who is this app for? Researchers, students, professionals, lifetime learners and just overall curious people who want to see what other search engines and results are out there. It’s also an easy way to search specialized sites like Reddit (community), StackExchange (programming), Wikipedia and Webopedia (research), videos from YouTube, social media giants, and even one of the new favorite search sites, WolframAlpha (computational) all without first having to open a separate browser window.

This is a free ad-supported version of HoundDog Multi Search. To remove the ads get the 99 cent ad-free app version here.

Unleash the Hound!

Unleash the Hound! HoundDog multi search app at vpmcorp.com

Unleash the Hound!